A Month of Grooming

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Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… June is “pride month.” Maybe we should rename June Groom… We’re about to be subjected to thirty days of propaganda promoting the LGBTQI+ life-style. Why is there a pride month at all? Why is your sexual proclivity something to be proud of?  The Los Angeles Dodgers have chosen to honor an anti-Catholic LGBTQI+ group. If we don’t make it known to sports teams like the Dodgers and big box stores like Target and beer companies like Anheuser-Busch that we disapprove of these “pride” celebrations, then we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves when we lose the culture war.  Black Lives Matter received tens of millions of dollars in donations following the 2020 riots. Now we find out that they are millions of dollars in debt. Anybody surprised? What did they do with all that cash? Anything good? Or was it all one giant grift?  
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