A New Speaker of the House

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Townhall Review – November 4, 2023 

Dennis Prager responds to elite media’s early—and predictable—criticism of the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, simply because he’s a Christian.

Charlie Kirk and Texas Congressman Chip Roy look at priority one for the new Speaker.

Joe Piscopo talks with Nicole Parker, a former FBI special agent, about how the brutal and barbaric attack from Hamas has awakened us to our own threat at home.

Hugh Hewitt invites Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to talk about how long he expects the urban warfare in Gaza to take place, as well as the Anti-semitic views of a substantial percentage of the Democratic voting base.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Rabbi Yaakov Menken, of the Coalition for Jewish Values, about the enemies that Israel faces not just in the surrounding region, but also in groups in America, like Black Lives Matter.

Seth Leibsohn talks with Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy, about the overwhelming number of students with broken soles and morals on today’s college campuses who want to see Israel destroyed.

Victor Davis Hanson places the blame squarely on former President Barack Obama for hiding his anti-semitic views until after he was out of the White House, and can now fully execute his will through pulling strings in the Biden administration.

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