Afghan Resistance Fighters, Joe Rogan, Ivermectin, and the Truth About the Delta Variant with Dr. Keith Rose

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Back by popular demand, foreign intelligence expert and American patriot, Dr. Keith Rose joins show to give a critical update on the state of affairs inside Afghanistan. A brave and little known group of freedom fighters, trained by the U.S. Military, has coalesced north of Kabul to fight back against the Taliban. Once promised “over the horizon capabilities” in the form of air strikes by the Biden administration, Joe Biden and his generals have hung this band of opposition fighters out to dry in a disastrous move which could prove instrumental in the creation of a terrorist super state in Afghanistan. In the second half of the show, Dr. Rose also discusses the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s COVID positive test and subsequent treatments, ivermectin, vaccines for kids, and why the “vaccine” might actually be contributing to the “fourth wave” of the pandemic across the world. 

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