America & Afghanistan’s Puppet Presidencies Have Fallen

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Runaway Afghan President Ashraf Ghani finally spoke out Wednesday after reportedly fleeing his country with over $100 million in cash claiming he had “no option” but to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban. What is the story behind Ashraf Ghani and how did he become America’s latest failed, propped-up, puppet president? In strikingly similar ways, what does Ghani have in common with America’s own propped-up puppet president? Also, Charlie breaks down Biden’s seemingly inexplicable, self-imposed August 31 troop evacuation deadline. Finally, calls for more mandates come from the Biden Whitehouse despite troubling new data that indicates vaccinations against the delta variant are not all they’re cracked up to be and a new study vindicates the natural immunity crowd. 

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August 25th, 2021


Adam Carolla – #2043-2