America First Isn’t Just Trump’s Slogan, It’s the Way America Can Get Back on Top

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Do you put your family first?

Do you sacrifice and do things you would rather not do for the people you love?

Here’s a crazy concept: What if our leaders did the same thing? What if they didn’t listen to foreign special interests or corrupt lobbyists but instead put American Citizens and their needs first?

This is the “America First” idea that President Trump popularized on his way to the White House in 2016.

This simple phrase has profound applications for Finance, Foreign policy, Economics, Intelligence agencies, and so many other parts of governing our country.

Taking an America First approach to the key issues of governance is a MASTER KEY to understanding why America is struggling and what we must do to get back on top.

On an exciting episode of Sara Carter Show, Fred Fleitz of the America First Policy Institute joins the program to lay out for you what Donald Trump MUST DO in his second term to get America back on the right track.

Time Stamps:
0:05 Do you put your family first?
7:05 Fred Fleitz joins the Sara Carter Show
8:00 What does it mean to be America First?
11:38 America First means being pro-Israel
19:00 Americans love America First
23:05 Americans simply do not trust intel agencies
31:15 Could we lose it all?
32:12 Taking on China
33:26 The America First plan to take on the border crisis

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