An “Astonishing” Term from the Supreme Court

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Townhall Review – July 9, 2022

Hugh Hewitt talks with Randy Barnett, of Georgetown Law, about the key cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court that have created a sort of constitutional reset.

Chris Stigall talks with Daniel Turner, of Power the Future, about record-high inflation and gas prices that show no sign of easing.

Joe Piscopo talks with Monica Crowley, who served under President Trump, about President Biden governing as though he just does not want to get in crossways with the AOC wing of the Democrat Party.

Ed Morrissey talks with Salena Zito, of the Washington Examiner, about the country’s pushback against the leftist agenda.

Mike Gallagher talks about a recent poll showing a decline in a belief in God, particularly among young, adult males.

Michelle Tafoya and Christine Brennan, of USA Today, talk about professional golfers who have deserted the PGA for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour.

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