Andy Biggs: Congress MUST Use Every Tool In The Toolbox To Secure The Border

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Have you ever tried to fight someone with your hands tied behind your back?

On today’s Sara Carter Show, Rep. Andy Biggs of the great state of Arizona shares his frustration with fellow Republicans and their refusal to hold the Biden administration accountable for the border crisis. Congress has the power of the purse, but Republicans won’t hold up Democrat projects to demand a sane border policy. Congress could begin impeachment proceedings, but Republicans will not vote to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas – even after he lied to Congress! The American people will not keep electing Republican majorities if they don’t use every tool possible to protect our nation.

Rep. Biggs also shares his concern that terrorist sleeper cells from nations like China, Iran, and Russia could already be inside American cities, ready to create chaos.

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Time Stamps:
2:50 Open Borders Have Consequences
4:33 This is about our children
9:37 Rep. Andy Biggs joins the Sara Carter Show
13:59 Venezuela and Syria
14:49 Lawmakers are not sure what to do
16:37 Mayorkas Lied
18:28 The newest numbers
19:38 Sleeper Cells are real
22:40 Who will pay the price?
24:35 Show close

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