Angel Studio’s New Film Dives Deep into Life After Death

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In an incredible episode of the Sara Carter Show, Sara sits down with Jens Jacob, producer of Angel Studio’s latest blockbuster film “After Death”. You know Angel Studios from the summer blockbuster “Sound of Freedom,” focusing on the horrors of human trafficking.

Releasing this weekend, “After Death” features interviews with philosophers, scientists, and those who briefly died to uncover one of life’s greatest mysteries.

“After Death” explores the human spirit, our collective search for meaning, and the eternal quest to uncover the truth about what lies beyond this mortal realm.

Jacob also shares why he was interested in producing this film and why this movie is so important at this moment.

Are you interested in learning more about “After Death”? Check out their website here:

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Time Stamps:
1:12 Where do we go when we die?
5:34 Jens Jacob joins the Sara Carter Show
8:38 The two greatest questions in life
12:11 People are struggling
15:22 We can make the world better
15:42 Who did you interview?
18:11 Case of Pam Reynolds
20:14 Pay it Forward campaign
24:02 Show Close

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