Another Morning In Paradise; Advice And News On A Cold Morning

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Is America’s future hopeless? Savage reminds us that only one-third of the colonists fought for Independence; we are the one-third that could save America. Savage warns of the dangers of MAGA-lomania and the emergence of censorship on the Right. Over a fresh cup of coffee, Savage gives his raw response to the news of the day. Why are the courts hounding Trump, while ignoring the problematic Biden family? The Commander-in-Grief Biden allowed the Chinese spy balloon to take surveillance of our military bases before shooting it down. The social media execs are attacking free speech and will dismantle Western Civilization. What exactly are these high altitude objects? Hear why he dubs Trudeau “Castro of the North.” Savage recommends a streaming crime series that rivals The Sopranos. Then, Savage asks listeners: Should he make a return to radio?

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