Appetite for Destruction: Radicals are Killing Our Nation but Here’s How We Can Save It

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Have you been to a major American city in the past couple of years? If so, you’ve likely noticed that many of them are worse, particularly in the rise in violent crime, homelessness, retail theft, and drug addiction. Criminal suspects are routinely set free with no or very low bail and then go out and commit more crimes. So what can law-abiding residents do about it?

Seattle-based radio host Jason Rantz joins Sara to document what he has seen there and in Portland while reporting on Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radical organizations, including the insane Seattle “autonomous zones” in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Rantz warns the roots of the problems are more complex than just blaming Democrats for the demise of the cities, but he also points out the solutions are quite clear.

Rantz also reacts to Black Lives Matter celebrating the Hamas atrocities by putting an image of a paraglider in its posters and statements. Don’t miss this important conversation about how America is in decline and what can be done to reverse it.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 What is killing America?
2:12 We have seen an increase in bad behavior
6:38 Jason Rantz joins the Sara Carter Show
7:53 This is not just a Democrat issue
10:18 This isn’t about treatment
11:20 San Diego story
12:23 Total drug legalization didn’t work out well
13:36 Are our lawmakers clueless?
15:41 BLM supporting Hamas
19:33 The only upside of remote learning
22:28 The left owns the language
24:54 Inside the CHOP zone
20:08 The FBI is investigating Catholics
32:39 Corrupt Media
35:44 Show close

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