Are Space Factories On Horizon?

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Please enjoy today’s encore presentation of Sara’s Interview with U.S. Air Force Lt. General and CEO of Spacebilt, Steve Kwast

Instead of wasting time and money building satellites on Earth, why not just build them in space?

On the surface, this might seem like a silly question. But if you can escape Earth’s orbit, the benefits of satellite assembly amongst the asteroids begin to make more sense.
On today’s show, Sara is joined by Spacebilt Founder and retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Steve Kwast for an in-depth discussion about the benefits of interstellar infrastructure to build complex satellites and spacecraft. From universal Wifi to wireless power for every device on Earth, human life as we understand it will be totally changed after the launch of Spacebilt.

1:59 Factories in Space?
3:53 Steve Kwast joins the Sara Carter Show
4:56 What is Spacebilt?
6:46 A factory in space
9:46 Proof of concept
11:17 How it is done
12:46 The private sector’s role
14:19 Benefits of Spacebilt for Humanity
18:50 It is hard for us to understand how this will change humanity
23:36 Show Close

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