Are We Ready to Do What It Takes to Save Our Nation?

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The left is getting more radical by the day and its decades-long quest to wrench our nation away from our founding principles is fully backed by our most powerful institutions and most of our elected officials. If it’s going to be stopped, we are the ones who will have to stop it.

But make no mistake: the left hates the values that made us great and the fight will be intense. We see this battle playing out now in Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is under relentless criticism for strictly limiting immigration, championing the traditional family, and resisting any movements that remind him of the former Communist leadership there.

Today, Sara welcomes Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell, president of the Counterpoint Institute and author of “Last Warning to the West: Hungary’s Triumph Over Communism and the Woke Agenda,” to discuss how far the left has already advanced, what has worked in Hungary, and the strategy we need to pursue here.

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Time Stamps:
00:05 Biden vs. Orban
9:40 Why this book now?
12:57 A nuclear family matters
15:21 Communists control the media
17:35 Our freedom is being taken away
18:59 Women’s rights
24:52 Meeting Orban
27:52 Museum of Terror
31:33 Using a crisis
32:45 How did Orban win?
38:41 Biden hates Hungary
41:54 Big names love this book
44:31 Where to follow
45:06 Show close



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