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In Savage’s latest address, he blasts the leftwing media for gaslighting the American people. The Biden Administration, along with government mouthpieces in the media, continually save face for President Biden as he clearly suffers from some form of dementia. Savage, who has a background in Alzheimer’s research, suggests that Biden should undergo tests for biomarkers of dementia to determine his condition. He breaks down the advancements in diagnosing dementia and the tests now in use to identify cognitive decline. He warns that the country is on the brink of disaster and urges viewers to take action. He then shifts to the spiritual, sharing a personal dream about his late mother. He ponders the deeper meaning of the dream and what it could be telling him. He then reflects on his past experiences in the Fiji islands and encounters with healers who taught him that dreams are the opposite of reality. Could his dream be a warning about the state of America and the West? Find out what Savage dreamed and what it might mean for all of us as we try to save our nation from corruption!

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