Ask Charlie Anything 120: Men in Makeup? The Great Reset Bug Diet? Should Conservative Take the Student Loan Bribe? Leftist DVEs Break Up TPUSA Event at UNM?

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Charlie takes the questions you email him at [email protected] on this 120th edition of Ask Charlie Anything, including:

Is it ever okay for men to wear makeup? Do the insect heavy dietary suggestions of the WEF contribute to America’s lower testosterone levels? Should conservatives take advantage of the Biden student loan bribe? What is the next domino to fall in Biden’s struggling economy? Is it safe for conversations to donate to conservative organizations with the weaponization of the DOJ and the IRS? According to Jim Jordan, how many Americans are currently at risk of being labeled domestic violent extremists (DVEs) by the Biden DOJ? What happened at the TPUSA event featuring Tomi Lahren at the University of New Mexico? Is mRNA technology involved in the Davos crowds’ tarnshumanist ideology? 

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