Ask Charlie Anything 75: Founding Fathers & Drag Queens? What's Up With These Trump Judges? Who is the 'Father' of the New Left? And MORE!

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On an Action-Packed, 75th edition of the ‘Ask Charlie Anything’ series, Charlie answers the questions you send him at [email protected] — including a comprehensive analysis of Amy Coney Barrett’s recent, baffling decision surrounding vaccine mandates for college students. Diving into the past, Charlie gives a detailed explanation of the ideological roots of the American Left including answers about its Communist constructors including Saul Alinsky, Angela Davis, and Bill Ayers. All of that, PLUS—Charlie doubles down in response to a listeners question about his statement last week that the Founders would mobilize the Minutemen in response to Drag Queen Story Hour if they ever saw it happening to our kids. Were the founder libertarians in tacit support of licentiousness or were they pious proponents of the moral, natural order? Charlie gives the best explanation of the real roots of America’s founding that you’ll ever hear. As always, email your questions to [email protected] for a chance to have them answered in the next Monday edition of ‘Ask Charlie Anything’ which puts you in the running to win a free signed copy of Charlie’s book, ‘The MAGA Doctrine.’ 

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