Ask Charlie Anything 87: Minor Attracted Persons? Racist Roads? FBI Targeting Project Veritas? And MORE!

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Charlie takes the questions you email him at [email protected] on this 87th edition of Ask Charlie Anything, including: 

Is the FBI and Biden’s DOJ targeting journalist James O’Keefe over the controversy surrounding Ashley Biden’s alleged diary, including leaking confidential materials to The New York Times? If so, what is the real reason why the DOJ would want to target James O’Keefe? Charlie gives you his exclusive insight, and then later, why is a “professor” at Old Dominion University advocating for pedophilia while calling it MAP, or a minor attracted person? How is that legal? Why are members of Gen Z so sad, anxious, depressed, and struggling with suicidal thoughts? What is the deal with Sec. of Transportation Pete Buttigieg claiming some roads are racist? That and more! 

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