Astronomers Are on the Hunt for Planet 9 and Why More Young Men Are Giving up on College

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Ever since Pluto was lost as a planet back in 2006, astronomers have been in search for the elusive Plant 9. A recent study published last month is re-examining evidence for a possible 9th plant far beyond Neptune. The evidence lies in the clustering of icy asteroids and comet cores, something big with a lot of gravity is pulling on them. The next step is looking in the right place and the recent study also has a so-called “treasure map” that tells astronomers where to look. Mike Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy at Caltech and also part of the team that took Pluto’s classification away, joins us for the current hunt for Planet 9.

Next, the number of men that are enrolled at two and four-year colleges has fallen behind women by record levels and there seems to be no reversal in sight. Part of the problem is that that fewer men are applying, but there are also a host of other issues including the rising cost of education and the need to make money now. Some say the time and energy required is not worth the cost, others have a lack of guidance or feel lost on what to do next. Doug Belkin, higher education reporter at the WSJ, joins us for how more men are giving up on college.

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