ATF Whistleblower: Eric Holder’s DOJ Put Law Enforcement At Risk and Refused to Pursue the Cartel

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Do you believe there is equal justice in the United States? Every day it seems our government goes easy on political allies while targeting political adversaries for major crimes and potentially bankrupting them in the process. Has it happened to you?

It might happen more often these days but it certainly is not new. More than a decade ago, the Obama administration got exposed putting weapons into the hands of Mexican cartels and other criminals through Operation Fast & Furious. The stated goal was to track the weapons and find the criminals, but we lost track of the weapons. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry ended up murdered by one of those guns.

But Operation Fast & Furious is not an isolated incident. The government has tried similar schemes. But, stunningly, the federal government often refused to press charges against criminals that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agents recommended for prosecution and provided ample evidence for conviction. And when that refusal to prosecute was mentioned to members of Congress, the whistleblowers were threatened with indictments.

Longtime ATF agent Peter Forcelli joins Sara to explain what happened in Operation Fast & Furious and so many other instances of weapons traffickers allowed to go free while the good guys faced threats and crippling legal bills.

Equal justice under the law is a foundational principle of the American system that we must fight to preserve and protect. And winning that fight starts with knowing how the system is being flagrantly abused.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Is Lady Justice Blind?
2:12 Peter Forcelli joins the Sara Carter Show
3:43 Fast and Furious Operation
10:45 “Let them go”
11:38 It’s a nationwide problem
18:33 Paid the price
24:30 Brian Terry
26:31 I called Sen. Grassley
27:54 Grenades
32:39 Being a whistleblower
36:57 Two levels of justice
40:27 Eric Holder
43:48 Law enforcement didn’t trust ATF
47:28 Interview close
49:23 Show close



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