Attorney General: Contempt of Congress | 6/13/24

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President Biden is back in Europe and looking as spry as ever. Biden is soooo religious. Attorney General Merrick Garland has been held in contempt of Congress. What’s next? Snopes now admits that Ashley Biden’s diary is indeed Ashley Biden’s diary. A nuclear-powered Russian submarine and warships showed up in Cuba yesterday. Probably nothing to worry about. “Bad actors” taking advantage of our weak border security is becoming the norm rather than an exception. North Korea continues to send “poop balloons” over the border toward South Korea. Lia Thomas has been disqualified from the Olympics. Skid marks on Pride flags? Felony! Paul Ryan had an interesting visit to Fox News. Pentagon UFO encounter? Kevin Spacey is apparently bankrupt. Spacey recalls spending time with Jeffrey Epstein. Wesley Hunt has how many forms of ID???

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