Bernie's Back! | 09-07-21

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Bernie makes his valiant return from vacation and he did not disappoint! A bit late to the party in terms of reacting to our exit from Afghanistan, but Bernie definitely made up for lost time as he brought the fire and showed his aggravation with the Biden administration and their botched strategy for getting our people out of Afghanistan. Former Congressman Peter King joins Bernie as his co-host for the day, and was able to offer extremely insightful and substantive thoughts on the matter as well. The two spend much of today’s show exposing the fake news media and their blind loyalty to and defense of the Biden administration. Why can’t they report on the news as it actually is? They should be spending time criticizing President Biden and his clear lack of care for the American people, just like they did when President Donald Trump so much as sneezed the wrong way. Bernie makes it clear that Biden is not welcome in NYC today, Saturday, or ever for that matter. He should do us all a favor and stay in his basement. As he always does on Tuesday’s, Bo Dietl joins the program to loudly voice his concerns for the state of our city and more importantly, America. Finally, be sure not to miss Lidia Reports or Bernie’s much anticipated return to The Peerless Boilers Beat Bernie Contest!


September 7, 2021


September 7th, 2021 – Rick & Bubba Show