Biden Administration Tries to Contain Fallout Over Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan as Evacuations Continue

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The Biden administration is still trying to contain all of the fallout from the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. The most pressing issue right now is the continued evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies, but there are several other storylines in this wide ranging event. The Afghanistan war still remains unpopular with the American people, but why didn’t the administration act on the calls for evacuations from diplomats earlier and is it possible at all to trust the Taliban’s promises? Ret. USMC Lt Col. Jonathon Myers, former intelligence officer and author of American to the Corps: A Marine Corps Intelligence Officer’s Incredible Journey, joins us to break it all down.

Next, governors in Florida, Missouri, and Texas have begun pushing expensive Covid antibody treatments instead of masks and vaccines. States are setting up and staffing infusion centers with the hope of keeping people out of hospitals. Florida’s surgeon general issued a ruling for anyone to be able to take Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment without a doctor prescription. Dan Goldberg, health care reporter at Politico, joins us for the push for Covid cocktails over masks.

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