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New York Post columnist and best-selling author Miranda Devine is back to expose the Democrat scheme to hoodwink the American people. From Russia to the border crisis, learn how the Democrats are guilty of every accusation they cast on conservatives. First, how NY Judge Engoron and others have abandoned justice in the pursuit of political retribution. Governor Hochul revealed the deliberate take down of Trump. How the Dems have become the modern day Jacobins of the French Revolution. What motivates George Soros to create chaos in the United States? Why does Putin consider President Biden an asset? How the media has been co-opted by the Left to spout Marxist talking points and how it influences the average American. How Americans have turned to cheap dopamine to escape the realities that threaten our future. Will Trump be able to rise above the constant legal assaults? Who would replace Trump if he has to drop out of the race? How class warfare fuels the animosity against Trump and his supporters. And why we should NOT underestimate Biden. Be sure to share this critical episode with your freedom loving friends and family as we face this important election year!

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