Biden Covering Up U.S. Civilian Deaths In Kabul Airport Blast

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Sara welcomes former U.S. Army special operator Cory Mills, who is now running for Congress in Florida. Mills was in Afghanistan helping to move U.S. allies out of the country during the chaotic withdrawal in August 2021 and shares multiple bombshells with Sara.

First, Mills says the terrorist attack that killed 13 U.S. servicemembers also killed many American civilians but the Biden administration will not admit it. He also says a huge percentage of the Afghani people airlifted out of Kabul never lifted a finger to help the U.S. during the war while thousands of allies were abandoned to the Taliban.

Mills also explains the disturbing significance of the China-Russia-Iran alliance and Sara asks why the world was able to quickly condemn Russia’s actions but can’t say a word about China imprisoning and torturing religious and ethnic minorities.

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