Biden Demands Censorship: Rogan O’Handley, David Reaboi, Ronald Coleman | ROUNDTABLE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Rogan O’Handley, David Reaboi, and Ronald Coleman about the White House compiling a list of users for Facebook to censor, Joe Biden finally admitting that communism is a failed system, and why mask mandates are back. First, Dave and his guests discuss Jen Psaki’s revelation that the White House has been coordinating Facebook censorship. Psaki claimed that the administration put pressure on Facebook to censor “low-quality information.” Dave shares a clip of Joe Biden finally admitting that the Cuba protests are not about medicine shortages, but the failure of Cuban communism. Finally, public health officials in L.A. worried about the Delta variant have reinstated the mask mandate even for vaccinated people.

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