Biden Releasing 50 Million Barrels of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Hoping to Bring Down Gas Prices

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President Biden is tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release 50 million barrel of oil in hopes that it will bring down the price of gas. This is an effort done in coordination with 6 other countries to bring down prices which is a big contributor to inflation. The only snag is that it still may take some time before we see the effects or if it works at all. Tim Puko, energy policy reporter at the WSJ, joins us for what to know.

Next, the Bay Area and Los Angeles have been hit with a spat of flash-mob style robberies targeting luxury retail stores, jewelry stores, and even marijuana dispensaries. In coordinated efforts large groups of people rush a store, grab as much as they can, and then retreat to cars waiting outside. It underscores the huge challenge that law enforcement has and many also point to Prop 47 which reduced some property crimes to misdemeanors. Rachel Swan, reporter at the SF Chronicle, joins us for more.

Finally, the Democratic Party is going through an identity crisis. Recent polls and focus groups of voters who supported President Biden are hard pressed to know what they currently stand for. Even passing the infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better plan in the House isn’t fixing the issue as voters don’t feel Biden is getting it done. David Siders, national political reporter at Politico, joins us for how the Democratic brand is broken.

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