Biden Still Leads After Post-Convention Polls Emerge

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A slew of post-convention polling has come out and it shows that both candidates have emerged roughly where they were before. Joe Biden still maintains a lead, but President Trump has gained a little bit of ground in certain state polls. One of the next big moments that could impact the race comes at the end of September when the first debates are held. Steven Shepard, chief polling analyst at Politico, joins us for more.

Next, America is running low on a crucial resource for coronavirus vaccines and drugs…monkeys. The pandemic has created a huge demand for monkeys as research test subjects. There has been a drop in supply from China which supplied 60% of monkeys imported into the U.S., and we were already dealing with decreased numbers. Sarah Zhang, writer at the Atlantic, joins us for how were are short on these animals needed for research.

Finally, Amazon is one step closer to delivering you that package by drone. The FAA just granted them approval to operate its fleet of delivery drones, a program they call “Prime Air.” Their drone would be capable of delivering cargo that is lighter than 5 pounds hopefully in about 30 minutes. Rob Verger, associate editor at Popular Science, joins us for the latest and why it still might be some time before you see drones flying everywhere.

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