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This blockbuster podcast deals with the biggest foreign policy failure of our lifetimes … a terrible time in the world. That is, Biden’s collosal blunder in Afghanistan. Today we saw Afghanistan falling and people dying in their desperate attempts to escape the cruel wrath of the Taliban. Savage deconstructs this unmitigated disaster that will forever live in infamy. Many are saying it is worse than the helicopter evacuation of Saigon back in 1975. Biden is not even taking responsibility for it, nor for lying to us just 3 weeks ago saying “under no circumstances will we have a Vietnam like event.” What happened to military intelligence while the Pentagon was busy looking for white supremacists and handing out sex-change surgeries? To help us understand the history leading up to this terrible day Savage hosts retired Army Major General Jeff Schloesser who commanded the 101st Airborne Division for thirty-three months, including fifteen months in combat in Afghanistan. He understands the country, its people, and the failures in U.S. policy very well, and he has some dire predictions to make regarding the consequences of today’s events.

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