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Rapping on the top headlines and topics affecting the nation. First, Savage discusses President Biden’s continued mental decline, reflecting on his important work with Alzheimer’s. He summarized his research in his 1987 book Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s. He concludes that any medical student could recognize that Biden’s condition has progressed significantly since his inauguration. Why has Jill Biden allowed this to continue? How can we recover from Biden’s rupturing of our borders and cities? Is America shot? How can we deport over 10 million illegal aliens? Then, Savage offers his coverage of the Super Bowl. He explains how we’ve devolved from Jonathan Swift to Taylor Swift… He recalls his own firsthand experience of the Super Bowl and how he walked out during Beyoncé’s halftime performance in New Orleans. Don’t miss Savage’s hilariously funny take on the Taylor Swift drama and the media storm surrounding the pop star and football phenom’s romance.

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