Biden’s Using Your Tax Dollars to Bankroll Groups Tied to Terrorists

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For nearly two weeks, we’ve been recoiling at the savagery committed by Hamas terrorists against thousands of Israelis. More than 1,400 were killed and thousands of others were injured. Watching this sort of evil chills us to the bone. And it’s even more chilling to find out our tax dollars are going to some of the most radical people on earth.

That’s right. In addition to the $100 headed for Gaza (which will end up in the hands of Hamas regardless of what President Biden says), the Biden administration is also giving money to groups very closely aligned with terrorist organizations.

We know this thanks to the work of Washington Examiner Investigative Reporter Gabe Kaminsky. Today, Kaminsky joins Sara to discuss what kind of aid is going to these radical groups, how he uncovered these facts, and how this sort of information is hidden from the public.

Time Stamps:
0:05 Biden is funding the Middle East crisis
3:39 Gabe Kaminsky Joins the Sara Carter Show
5:05 Biden gives money to Gaza-based groups
8:27 No more bunker busters
10:05 State Department Stonewalled me
11:30 Give the Aid to Israel
11:27 Are they vetting these groups?
15:00 Phoenix center for field studies
17:08 Gay Palestine supporters don’t make sense
19:33 Interviewing people affected by the festival massacre
22:08 Terror Group booted from Online Fundraising platform
25:15 The IRS is very opaque
29:21 Show Close

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