Breaking Up Google & Watch Black Politician Denounce BLM & CRT | DIRECT MESSAGE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses the Justice Department’s (DOJ’s) antitrust lawsuit against tech behemoth Google, Kemi Badenoch’s speech at the House of Commons denouncing critical race theory, and the rantings of Keith Olberman. First off Dave gives his thoughts on the different political perspectives one could have over the Google antitrust investigation and the accusations that it uses its power to preserve it’s monopoly. Strict libertarians may be against any government interference in the free market, but has Big Tech become too powerful to be left alone? Meanwhile across the pond Equalities Minister, conservative party member and Nigerian immigrant Kemi Badenoch delivered a scathing speech denouncing Black Lives Matter and critical race theory (CRT). She lambasted the idea that contested political ideas like “white privilege in the UK” are being taught in UK schools. Finally Dave does his best impression of the hysterical Keith Olberman ranting about the “Worst Person In The World”, Donald Trump.

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