Brian Kilmeade Show – 12-22-2020

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[00:00:00] General HR McMaster (Ret)

[00:16:57] 9:28 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

[00:18:20] Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret)

[00:33:13] 9:54 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

[00:36:34] America's Newsroom simulcast

[00:52:56] 10:27 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

[00:54:53] Karol Markowicz

[01:05:40] Varney & Co. Simulcast

[01:13:11] Brian's BIG 3

[01:23:05] 11:21 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

[01:31:33] George Pataki

[01:45:17] 11:53 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

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