California Democrats Vote to Protect Pedophiles?! | Guests: Harmeet Dhillon & Bill Essayli | 5/24/24

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Media Matters is laying off many employees, and Glenn and Stu discuss the “tragedy” as Stu goes through the list of employees who were axed. Glenn and Stu further discuss the distress symbol of flying a flag upside down and reveal how the Left has used this symbol as a sign of protest in the past. Founder and CEO of the Center for American Liberty Harmeet Dhillon joins to discuss the legal win allowing prayer on the Capitol stairs and gives the latest updates on Trump’s criminal trials. California State Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R) joins to expose the California Democrats who voted against his bill that would have removed sanctuary city protections from pedophiles. Author and cofounder of the Free Press Nellie Bowles joins to discuss the disconnect between progressive ideology and what’s currently happening in society. “Klaus Schwab Jr.” joins to discuss the future of the World Economic Forum as his father is set to step down. 

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