California Parents File Lawsuit After Giving Birth to Wrong Baby After IVF MIX-up

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A couple in California has filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic that mixed up their embryos with another couple. Daphna and Alexander Cardinale carried the baby of another couple, gave birth to a baby girl and raised her for four months until the couples decided to swap babies. The other couple was implanted with the Cardinale’s embryo. Adam Wolf, attorney for the Cardinale family, joins us for what happened and the effort to never let this happen again.

Next, there is a new etiquette for post-pandemic office life. Many still have anxieties about being back and others are just rusty from being away for so long. Hugs and handshakes are out, be honest with those close talkers so they give you space, and it is OK to ask about vaccination status. Rachel Feintzeig, work and life columnist at the WSJ, joins us for how to avoid the awkward return.

Finally, there is such a thing as being too positive and it could be very annoying. Positivity given in the wrong way is called “toxic positivity” and it can come off as dismissive or condescending when you don’t listen and just offer up platitudes like “Cheer up!” and “Try to have a better attitude.” There is a better approach when someone just wants to vent to you. Elizabeth Bernstein, author of the Bonds column at the WSJ, joins us for more on toxic positivity.

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