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Can Israel overcome the mounting threats it now faces? Savage explores this controversial subject and more in a prescient monologue. He shares a Jewish mysticism story about a Rabbi and his son who received apparent curses from sages that were actually blessings in disguise. He encourages listeners to learn to decipher their negative experiences as hidden blessings. He emphasizes that not all Jews, including those in the Biden Administration, truly understand or accept the concept of God. It is essential not to condemn all Jews, or any group, based on the actions of a few. He discusses the concept of equality in Judaism and the importance of recognizing the basic equality of all people despite their differences. He draws on historic parallels to understand the current conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. As records have been manipulated and destroyed in the past, the progressives are also rewriting history before our eyes. Weaving the political and the spiritual, Savage speculates on the future of Israel and the fate of the United States in this exceptional broadcast.

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