Can Republicans Win Back Deep Blue Washington State??

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Could Republicans scoop up seats in a Blue State near you? Based on the unpopularity of the Democrat/Biden plan, polls are showing voters want change and want it badly.

Further, they don’t just want wimpy Republicans who will go along with the swamp. Voters are DEMANDING America First, patriotic leaders who aren’t in it for the special interests, but to serve the American people.

One of those patriots is Tiffany Smiley, currently running in Washington’s fourth district. After her husband was wounded serving our nation overseas, Smiley was confronted with the incompetence and corruption of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Enraged by the poor quality of her husband’s care, Smiley swore to fight for our heroes and drain the swamp that caused this mess, creature by creature.

On an epic Sara Carter Show, Smiley and Sara discuss the issues that voters are thinking about as they head to the polls. Smiley highlights the federal government’s attack on Washington dams, the open border, fentanyl, and wokeness in American classrooms. Smiley ends with an impassioned plea for concerned parents to get involved and fight for their country before it is too late.

Sara also shares a clip from a recent Oxford Union debate on populism and why your vote isn’t evil or shameful: It is actually something to celebrate

Time Stamps:
0:05 Our vote is not the problem
5:10 What it means to be a patriot…
12:19 Tiffany Smiley joins the show
17:08 Are Republicans divided?
19:14 Real issues in the district
21:15 Seeing incompetence firsthand
23:24 Fentanyl epidemic
26:34 Fighting woke culture in school
30:24 Talking to high school kids
32:27 Are suburban women speaking up?
34:21 How to help

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