Carol Platt Liebau: How Much Is a Little Girl’s Life Worth

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“How much is a little girl’s life worth?” Simone Biles asked at a Senate hearing last week, after a scathing report on the FBI’s investigation into former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.

The FBI initially ignored the allegations about Nassar. He was eventually sentenced to over 300 years in prison in 2018 for allegedly molesting more than 330 women and girls.

Even as the FBI delayed following up on the accusations, Nassar continued the assaults. When agents on the case were confronted with their lack of action on the Nassar matter, they lied.

Even worse, it turns out one of the agents had been discussing a job with the Olympics Committee with USA Gymnastics. Yet that agent has been allowed to retire with his federal pension intact.

It’s another verse in the same old song: Washington elites escape accountability for behavior that would be very costly for people outside the Beltway. It’s a corrupt status quo that cannot stand.

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