CDConfusion | 01-04-22

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On this Tuesday edition of Bernie & Sid in the Morning, the boys dive into the news of the day including new Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman being sworn in, medical analysts at CNN saying cloth masks do not work, Dr. Fauci and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona biting their tongues and saying kids should be in school, Fauci continuing to contradict what CDC director Rochelle Walensky keeps pedaling regarding COVID, AOC taking aim at Governor Ron Desantis, Candace Owens rushing to the Governor’s defense with some truth, fake news media basking in the upcoming one-year anniversary of January 6th, The Andy Griffith Show now being labeled as racist, Kamala Harris saying Germany does right by voter integrity laws, clueless President Biden still clearly living under his ginormous rock, New York City Mayor Eric Adams continuing to make a good first impression, and Andy Cohen dominating the headlines after his New Year’s Eve booze-fueled rants went viral. As always, make sure you don’t miss out on today’s installments of Lidia Reports and The Peerless Boilers Beat Bernie Contest.

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January 4, 2022