Checks and Balance: Wilted greens

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President Biden came to office promising a clean energy revolution that would both slash emissions and strengthen the economy. But that priority has been overtaken by the need to control high oil prices and look tough on Russia. How has the war in Ukraine changed Mr Biden’s energy calculus—and what’s left of the green agenda?

We ask Jason Bordoff, energy adviser to President Obama and founder of Columbia University’s Climate School, whether America now has to choose between energy security and tackling climate change. We go back to the year a president with no majority managed to pass sweeping environmental bills. And our correspondent Aryn Braun investigates what California’s record as a green laboratory reveals about states’ ability to act on their own. She talks to Anthony Rendon, speaker of the California state assembly, Lauren Sanchez, chief climate adviser to Governor Newsom, and Mary Nichols, former head of the California Air Resources Board.

Charlotte Howard hosts with Vijay Vaitheeswaran, our energy and climate innovation editor, and Idrees Kahloon, our Washington DC bureau chief.

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