Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H1 – Nov 22 2022

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Is our long national nightmare finally over? Fauci gives his last briefing after 50 years before leaving as the highest-paid federal employee in government. C&B agree: Fauci the worst single person in the federal government, by far the most destructive, rarely honest. Clay adds, “Fauci said early on, don’t question me, ‘I am science.’ But what never made sense is that the basic truth of the scientific method is to question everything.” HHS report wants to “encourage or mandate” masking to help people suffering from long covid, who feel isolated. Even years later, Fauci still wants you to get a covid test and wear a mask at family Thanksgiving dinner! “When will this ever end, Dr. Fauci?” Clay asks. Buck calls Fauci a “vile sociopath” and questions all the praise that gets heaped on him from those who just want to look down on others who don’t mask.

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