Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H1 – Sep 16 2022

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Put them in Obama’s house! Clay says, “Obama’s got, what 12 acres? How come Obama doesn’t just put them on the front lawn?” Buck says the Muffys and Buffys of Martha’s Vineyard, who donate to Pelosi, Schumer and Biden, “love” illegal immigrants but “don’t want them near their golf course.” DeSantis’ brilliant Martha’s Vineyard move exposes hypocrite Dems. Clay and Buck say they wish he’ll fly more illegal immigrants there or to other rich, Dem, hypocritical enclaves. KJP’s “train wreck into awful” answer on the border. Abbott and DeSantis rip Biden and Dems on border hypocrisy. Martha’s Vineyard sign welcoming illegal immigrants goes viral as Martha’s Vineyard freaks out over 50 immigrants, deports them to Cape Cod military base. Illegal immigrant arrives at Kamala’s house, states the obvious: The border is open. Hillary says shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard is inhumane, but nobody wants open borders.

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