Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H1 – Sep 20 2022

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Regime still walking back all the stuff Biden mumbled on 60 Minutes. Clay says, “Even when Biden got asked about his mental acuity, Buck, he couldn’t even answer in a way that made you think, oh, yeah, this guy is sharp.” New midterm polls trending positive for GOP with some big upsets in play. C&B remind, though, you still must go vote to “make this a reality.” This election is about three things: MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki echoes C&B: Republicans should focus on: crime, the border, and the economy. NY Governor Hochul says DA went too soft on ax assailant who went viral. Ax guy says he’s misunderstood. Buck says he thinks Hochul has an IQ of 80, and when Clay laughs, Buck says, “I just call it how I see it.” Clay’s foam birthday party for the kids killed it, he said, though he was thoughtful of his neighbors. Buck’s had it with New York City noise, which he says is by far the worst in his lifetime. Mayor Adams throws loud party in Times Square that greatly disturbed Buck and his neighbors. And how did that party jibe with what Adams still says about covid? Is Adams worse than de Blasio?

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