Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H1 – Sep 23 2022

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Polls looking better for GOP in Senate, but economic news for all of us is looking worse. Buck says: “I worry about the GOP as an entity and its ability to really focus in and make the case in these final weeks.” DOW below 30,000 for first time since 2020. Recession deepening, but we won’t see the worst until after November. Clay says, “I think 2023 is going to be an economic disaster of a year.” House GOP rolls out the Commitment to America. Buck’s take: “We kind of assume, if you’re an elected official, you’re supposed to be committed to America.” Republicans need to get tough and fight for every inch this election and hammer Democrats on crime, immigration and the economy — and C&B say a fourth in their mantra should also be covid. Who’s the best James Bond? Full of “lies” Fauci says shutting down schools was worth it. Clay and Buck answer your great C&B 24/7 VIP email questions.

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