Climate Change Comes for America’s Supply of Pies and Thanksgiving Food Power Rankings

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Supply chain issues have plagued various industries as we continue on our way back from the pandemic. Now it is coming for America’s supply of pies! Compounding the issue is climate and bad weather effects on pretty much every ingredient in our favorite pies. Case in point is Tampa-based Mike’s Pies who is struggling to fulfill orders and maintain stock of ingredients, starting with their graham cracker crumb vendor. Laura Riley, business of food reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for how even after supply chain issues get resolved, climate change still poses a problem.

Next, Thanksgiving is here and it’s time to talk about our favorite foods! To end the show today we will give you the official Thanksgiving food power rankings. We will speak to Lucas Kwan Peterson, food columnist at the LA Times, for his take on where all your favorite Thanksgiving foods rank. A little preview of what you are in for… Turkey ranks dead last in his list, pumpkin pie doesn’t fare much better, and cranberries might just be the most controversial food item.  

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