Congress Demands More Answers on UFO’s: What Do Our Leaders Know?

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On a special episode of the Sara Carter Show, Sara is joined by former British Defense Ministry official Nick Pope. They discuss the implications of the latest Defense Authorization Act which requires the DOD to reopen every UFO investigation since 1945. Pope also points out how far the debate has come, with talk of UFO’s moving from fringe conspiracy theories to open discussions in Congress and the Pentagon.

They also cover why UFO encounters seem to cluster around nuclear facilities and hypothesize why aliens may be interested in our little blue marble.

Additionally, Sara covers the infuriating and tragic story of an innocent 20-year-old woman from Maryland, who was brutally murdered and raped by an MS-13 gang member. The murderer easily got into the country because he was only 17 years old. Sara explains why politicians, who place their own political power above the lives of America’s youth, have blood on their hands on this story and many others like it.

Finally, Sara roasts the “OG” of disinformation, Dan Rather, and his ridiculous tweet about the anti-woke education reforms of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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