Conservatives Need to Fight and Actually Conserve Something!

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Sara welcomes author and columnist Kurt Schlichter, who offers his unvarnished opinion of the left, establishment Republicans. the media, Hunter Biden, 2024 and so much more. Schlichter explains how the left is nothing more than cultural scavengers, who invade once-venerable institutions and hollow out any redeeming qualities. He also eviscerates Never Trump Republicans who still don’t understand why primary voters chose Donald Trump over the usual candidates in 2016. And you won’t want to miss his take on the latest Hunter Biden videos.

Sara also takes us inside the economic and agricultural crises in places like Sri Lanka and the Netherlands and how our nation is feeling the pinch as well. And she reacts to Elon Musk backing out of his offer to buy Twitter after the company refused to disclose how many of its accounts are bots – and Twitter now taking him to court to force him to follow through on the deal.

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