Constitution on the Ropes? | 8/22/22

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CNN American journalist Brian Stelter gives a farewell speech for running a seven-year streak on CNN. The Taliban is the best-equipped military force, thanks to the Biden administration. Tension is rising in Ukraine as a nuclear power plant gets caught in the crossfire. Daria Dugina, daughter of Vladimir Putin ally, died in a car blast. Supposedly monkeypox is increasing at an all-time high in California. Climate change is now responsible for childhood obesity. It looks like the LGBTQ community is now trying to remove the “T” due to backlash. The Constitution is on the ropes, as more on the Left want to abolish it. A man appears to have been beaten up by police. A mother in Georgia catches her child’s school teaching gender ideology behind her back. A new pamphlet is being passed around telling kids they don’t need to be afraid of talking with strangers. Yale is funding a “gender-expansive” program for children 3 to 25 years old.

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