COVID; The Truth Your Government is HIDING from you. With The Great, Pioneering Scientist & Physician, Dr. Kelly Victory

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First, Savage breaks down alarming data that could explain a possible link between the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein and the increase in sudden deaths and increased excess mortality accelerating each year. Then, Dr. Kelly Victory returns to reveal the latest shocking data on COVID-19 vaccinations. Victory exposes the way Big Pharma controls medical journals, media, and the public. What have the Twitter Files revealed about the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on public discourse? Why are the vaccinated more susceptible to the new COVID variant? Hear about the startling study on athletes and the COVID vaccine. Could we see a class action lawsuit against the COVID manufacturers? What risks did the manufacturers know about before rolling out the vaccine? What does the data tell us about the vaccination’s link to skin disorders, autoimmune responses, and other diseases? Is there an interaction between other vaccines and the COVID vaccine? What can people do to protect themselves NOW?

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