Cruz: Americans Have To Get Serious and “Unwoke” Our Schools, Boardrooms, and Media To Save Our Country

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The War on Woke has come to the homefront. American public universities function as indoctrination factories for our children. Our media is infested with liars pushing the agendas of foreign nations and monied interests. Beloved American brands like Coca-Cola are caught supporting terrorists. When will the madness end?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joins Sara on today’s show to discuss his new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America. Cruz dives deep into the origin of Marxism in America and hopes to arm patriots with the knowledge they need to fight back.

Sara and Sen. Cruz also discuss what they saw on their recent trip to our southern border.

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Time Stamps:
2:00 How can we “Unwoke” America?
4:23 Ted Cruz Joins the Sara Carter Show
6:10 Senator Cruz gives an assessment of the border crisis
11:08 How we fight back against Marxism
13:47 Karl Marx and his terrible ideas
17:33 Tools for Parents
20:26 Does Coke support Hamas?
22:43 Radical Gender Ideology
24:17 Media Corruption
26:14 They know they cannot beat Israel
29:14 We are complacent
33:16 Target’s downfall
35:14 We can win!
37:16 Getting the book
38:40 Show close

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