Daytime Emmys, Scottie Pippen, Best Years, Vaccinations and more.

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Good morning and welcome to the ride! The Steve Harvey Morning Show is LIVE and well in vivid aaaaaall living color. The CLO discusses deal breakers on Facebook. There will be a medical special about COVID-19 tonight at 7p EST on Facebook and YouTube. Big Dog shares with us a fishing story involving Marjorie. Blue Cheese gives us insight on his fashion sense. Junior talks about Scottie Pippen’s upcoming book where the 6x NBA Champion calls Phil Jackson a racist. Steve tells us what age he had the best time of his life. Veronica Redd’s image was incorrectly used during the Daytime Emmys and an apology was issued. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks to us about opening up our plan to the will of God.

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