Death from Within: How Our Enemies Plan to Defeat Us Without Going to War

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Are we head towards World War III? Events of the past few weeks have a lot of people thinking that. But what if our enemies could defeat us without ever going to war? One of Sara most trusted intelligence and national security experts says that is exactly what’s happening.

Today in Part 2 of Sara’s conversation with Center for a Secure Free Society Executive Director Joseph Humire, they examine the evidence that our enemies and smaller hostile nations plan to bring us down from within. Humire says bringing people across the border for the purpose of attacking electrical grids, water and food supplies, and other critical infrastructure would devastate our nation.

And he says that our government is asleep at the switch on this too, with our military more focused on culture wars than detecting and thwarting the threats to our nation.

Time Stamps:
1:35 I’m back with Joseph Humire
4:42 Our Republic is killing itself
8:32 We can’t do anything until the border is solved
9:15 China in Latin America
11:29 Spies From China
16:50 NGO’s getting foreign funding
20:04 Who is coaching the migrants?
23:51 Why is the Biden Admin doing this?
25:40 Our counter intel stinks
26:37 Could we be broken?
31:03 Good people being broken
32:27 We forgot how to win
38:51 They will use these countries to beat us
39:22 Show Close

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